Our USPPut the focus of your cash management back on driving your business – and reduce cost at the same time. Many organizations are increasingly being requested to play a strategic role in supporting organizational strategy. But many of them, simply don’t have the bandwidth to make this happen due to ever growing demand of day to day operations.

Companies must improve their service delivery capabilities and operating efficiencies to strengthen their position in the market. Outsourcing business activities helps to reduce operating expenses and optimize capital spending, better control headcount and permit greater flexibility in their operations

A consolidated Managed Serviced provides a global portfolio of out-tasking and outsourcing services for organization. Our service solution reduce complexity and cost, deliver enterprise wide service consistency and cost transparency and offer accurate data information on real time basis.

Logicash will always flourish its customers business by quality service delivery that enhances productivity and efficiency. Associating with Logicash with trigger our customer with following benefits:

  • 24 x 7 x 365 monitoring services : Round the clock “ An Information and Data Processing Call Center “ a CRM for 365 days , providing a real-time record of all transaction activity , a reliable integrated access to information to Clients  and customers and its CIT Vendors in cash management .
  • Single Supplier Management | Performance measurement, cost saving & customer focus: We endeavor to deliver cost-effective, competitively priced, multi-vendor and technology service.
  • De-Risking Business
  • Business Continuity Plan:Providing non-stop services with no business or geographical constraints nor any stoppage in services due to the IR difficulties encountered at service provider’s end.
  • Service – Oriented architecture:LOGICASH as a MSP eliminates functional barriers and develop operating plans that integrate the needs and requirements of both customers and vendors in order to ensure the success of both.
  • Data Accuracy and Validity:Monitoring - keeping track of data of each cash transaction, quality over time and reporting variations in the quality of data. The technology platform can also auto-correct the variations based on predefined business rules, benchmarks. A real time info system, enterprise applications.
  • Automating Reconciliation process.
  • Proactive Management for analysis & forecasting.
  • Tools and Technique to help bridge the gap between process and real world action that are dynamic in nature
  • Single-point source to manage all vendor contracts, insurance and compliances.
  • Cost Reduction Benefits (Capex & OPEX Cost) such as infra cost and rent, manpower cost, Systems, cost of operations, utility pay-outs.