Entrepreneurial Role:

BFSI and Retail sector are increasingly becoming innovative and anticipating the needs of corporate towards standardization, ERP integration, real time reporting and providing end-to-end view of cash management value chain besides offering ability to reach and be reached by their own customers.

Managing these cash transactions and their accounting information efficiently becomes imperative with growth in business transaction volumes. Customer’s demanded cost optimization and value added services which necessitate the creation of mechanism to service various customer groups.

Ultimately, they expected such advances to drive long term improvement in productivity and global operating standard by making information easily accessible and actionable with every new cycle of innovation.

Mr. Vipin Jain played an entrepreneurial to rejuvenate the industry by combining knowledge with technology. His commitment towards his customer has energized him to overcome their challenges and attain customer delight.

Challenges that were identified at the Initial Stage:

  • Real Time Information Missing.
  • No authentication for Data Reliability and Accuracy.
  • Employee and Employer relation going for Toss because of IR issues.
  • Operational Cost skyrocketing.
  • Manual Data management a big question.
  • Cash Risk growing due to improper compliance followed.
  • Penetration across the country was a point for discussion.

Hence, Mr. Jain looked forward for a unique business solution that would overcome current business challenges and deliver a “Service Platform” that would energize customers with good profitable margin and operate their business without any roadblocks.

Evolution of LOGICASH:

“A Step with customer and one step ahead of competition”

LOGICASH was incorporated in year 2010, with a quest on engagement with people, clients and communities to help them achieve their potential. As a company that embraces corporate responsibility, we make sure there will be business context where we and our customer can thrive tomorrow and long in future.

LOGICASH as a Cash Management solution provider for BFSI and Retail Sector is stepping forward steadily and presenting a great vitality as an Indian player in Cash Management Industry. Our high quality service offering, state of art design and reliable performance will help our client to improve their customer interactions, service cope quickly and proactively.

LOGICASH provides an expert outsourcing option to BFSI and Retail sector that demand Real Time Information, Accuracy, Regulatory compliance and Cost efficiency. Since its inception, the company promised to delineate, design, and build a system to achieve eminence in the cash management industry for its precision and outstanding services.

Our constant innovation and dedication at every level will help our customer to stay relaxed and empower them to keep a eagle eye on every penny in circulation across the country at Auto-Generated Reports & Real Time Information.