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LENS is a system for both Multi-Vendor monitoring and comprehensive management, which can be extended to all-around back-office management ranging from asset management, branch offices, to field services, Replenishment, Cash in Transit and help desk. With advanced functions like transaction monitoring, BI executive dashboard, SLA management; the system provides the banks and other customers a centralized platform to manage its performance and analyzes its resource profitability. It also provides knowledge base management, which shares our professional experience in Cash Management in a collaborative way.

In order to meet the above challenges banks are looking at a "Technology Platform" that can offer better solution and service in "Cash Management Space"

LENS (an application) for Cash Management: developed by Logicash
  • LENS is an intelligent enterprise software application designed for the purpose of enabling Banks, Financial Services, Insurance and Retail sector to know pulse of their cash, coins, cheque and any other cash related instrument they wish to track, count, reconcile and record.
  • It's a business Management tool, that is fast, accurate and efficient with unmatched configurability, flexibility, and easy to use in cash management environment. What makes it niche is the domain knowledge of one decade serving cash management space is cascaded into it.
  • Thanks to its modular features which gives customer freedom from all the worries of managing cash. User has the ability to customize a broad range of settings to meet their business requirement and individual preferences.
Features & Benefit:

Facilitating a "follow the sun" approach to fully utilize cash. Customers need projection, consolidation and reconciliation information at a click of a mouse while eliminating human intervention and hence we introduce "LENS" with following benefits:

Features & Benefit:
  • Real Time Information
  • Online Documentation
  • Proactive Monitoring
  • Flexible data collection
  • Checks, Audits & Control
  • Role based system access
  • Predictive “Cash Forecasting”
  • E-mail / SMS notification & alerts
  • Historical Information
  • Incident & Problem management
  • Model Based Management
  • Automized Reconciliation
  • Centralized information
  • SLA Tracking

Better Risk Management is essential for delivering a successful partnership. Effective partnership working has become an important issue. Delivering these services through partners can bring significant benefit and bring about successful innovation.

Partnering is characterized by a greater degree of openness, communication, mutual trust and sharing information. It's a collaborative approach, to achieve the common goal of an organization in a well effective and efficient manner while sharing domain knowledge and experiences of each other.

Advantage of Service Delivery Partners:
  • Focus on Core Competencies: Diverting customer's attention from supplementary tasks and focus on their core functions.
  • Cost Saving: Outsourcing will enable companies to reduce their cost on resource management, Labor and other non-core activities.
  • Quality: We have expert employees with specialized process and technology that ensure better quality for our customer through conducting the field operation in association with our partners.
  • Flexibility: SDP model provides an opportunity to change partner in case of any service quality issue.
  • Time-to-Market: Offshore outsourcing offers round the clock work benefits and hence reduces the time-to-market. It also enables faster start-up, development and scalability for business operations.
  • Access to diverse technologies: We have focus on particular service and play in volume. This enables to keep our self updated with latest technology required for Cash Management.
  • Network Coverage: SDP model will ensure complete reach across the country serving our customer anywhere, anytime.
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