Rapid Innovation in technology is continuously introducing new opportunities for disseminating information and designing workflows anywhere, anytime. The speed of changes presents technical challenges, but the organizational challenges of adopting emerging technologies and quickly implementing new ways of working will likely define the difference between clever idea and notable business success. It is very common that managing lifeblood of Cash industry is continuous cycle of innovation. Ultimately, they expect such advances to drive long term improvement in productivity and global operating standard by making information easily accessible and actionable with every new cycle of innovation.

LENS is a system for both Multi-Vendor monitoring and comprehensive management, which can be extended to all-around back-office management ranging from asset management, branch offices, to field services, Replenishment, Cash in Transit and help desk. With advanced functions like transaction monitoring, BI executive dashboard, SLA management; the system provides the banks and other customers a centralized platform to manage its performance and analyzes its resource profitability. It also provides knowledge base management, which shares our professional experience in Cash Management in a collaborative way.

In order to meet the above challenges banks are looking at a “Technology Platform” that can offer better solution and service in “Cash Management Space”

LENS (an application) for Cash Management:

  • LENS is an intelligent enterprise software application designed for the purpose of enabling Banks, Financial Services, Insurance and Retail sector to know pulse of their cash, coins, cheque and any other cash related instrument they wish to track, count, reconcile and record.
  • It’s a business Management tool, that is fast, accurate and efficient with unmatched configurability, flexibility, and easy to use in cash management environment. What makes it niche is the domain knowledge of one decade serving cash management space is cascaded into it.
  • Thanks to its modular features which gives customer freedom from all the worries of managing cash. User has the ability to customize a broad range of settings to meet their business requirement and individual preferences.

Features & Benefit:

Facilitating a “follow the sun” approach to fully utilize cash. Technology is a multifaceted, influential and fluid managing the art of being agile, while focusing on operational excellence and meeting greater consumer demand.

In order to meet the new cross industry challenges, we are embracing innovation approach that holistically manages risk, policy and process. Banks need projection, consolidation and reconciliation information at a click of a mouse while eliminating human interaction and hence we introduce “LENS” to attain customer delight

Real Time Information E-mail / SMS notification & alerts
Online Documentation Historical Information
Proactive Monitoring Incident & Problem management
Flexible data collection Model Based Management
Checks & Control Automatized Reconciliation
Role based system access Centralized information
Predictive “Cash Forecasting” SLA Tracking

System Functionalities at a Glance:

No matter what’s going on in the business, you can rest and enjoy the WIN-WIN model by us. Our application “LENS” has been developed keeping in view Partner, Client and LOGICASH (LSP) needs and business requirement.

Business Benefit

Real Time Information Competitive advantage Ensured Compliance with quality standard
Easy Tracking, Monitoring and responding to customer query Reduced server overhead by operating on virtual environment Managing Complex approval cycle
Integrated application and reduced labour cost Business Analytics De - risking Business
Data Mining, Archiving & Analyzing Centralized Information Customer Delight

Operational Benefit

Greater Flexibility Shared Knowledge & Business Better transparency in Business
Proper request allocation Automatized reconciliation Route Optimizing
Improved Audit & Control Lower Cost of Ownership Online Documentation

System Benefit

User Friendly, Speed and Accuracy Comprehensive Database Multiple Search Function
Automatic fax and email transmission Online Documentation Error Highlighting
SLA Monitoring Access as per roles defined Multiple access channel

Audits & Controls

Provides complete history of all cash transaction and makes this information easily accessible (=Going Back in Time)
Comprehensive real-time cash info. on current data and historic data based on dozens of attributes and references
Audit prove data storage and information access (system never loses any evidence and provides simple access to all information)
Transaction calculation to verify the partners SLA achievement.

State of Art Security

Multi-level password setting.
Supervisor control
System interface with unique User-ID and Password
Customized feature assignment to roles and role assignment to user
Data security based on account classification and business line segment