Minimise your risks with Bulk Cash ManagementLogicash can help you process your cash better, faster and more economically. To take over the burden of counting and sorting cash, we provide cash management solutions and operate from highly secure vaults.

Are you concerned about maintaining control of your cash processing, while outsourcing the actual process of counting? Our high-speed processing technology along with trained Man-Power allows you to remain in control of your assets and information on-demand.

Are you looking for customized reporting? 

With Logicash’s cash management system, we precisely configure information to your specifications, providing accurate, detailed data transmissions that can be customized to integrate with your internal reporting – and the reporting demands of your customers.

Here’s what we do

Verification of deposits, including currency, coins and checks: We use the latest high-speed, processing equipment to verify, sort and count currency, coins and checks. Totals are reconciled against the customer’s deposit total before being deposited into a designated account. We operate our facilities in three shifts, so our customers’ funds can be available, in most cases, the day after pickup.

Fitness sorting: Our high-speed sorting equipment also ensures that banknotes are only recycled if they pass strict fitness and authenticity tests. Preparation of outbound change orders: For both bank and commercial customers, we prepare all of their change order needs, so they always have the cash on hand they need to conduct business.

Cash Management reporting: Our technology allows the verification and processing of your currencies, coins and check deposits. We ensure total management and control of your assets and issue reports listing the required transactions you wish to review.