Cash Management Services
Efficient Cash Management and managing channel of collection, payment and accounting information is imperative for flourishing any business. This includes enabling greater connectivity to internal corporate systems and expanding the scope of cash management services. We at Logicash provide total Cash Management Solution with “Real Time Information” and “Reach Across the Nation”.

We deliver facilities, management expertise, software and hardware for counting, transporting and storing customer cash. Specially trained staff handles large volumes of cash at technologically-advanced facilities to ensure cash processing speed and accuracy. Logicash services helps to transform resource-draining cash activities into powerful advantages that drive operational efficiencies, lower risk and enhance competitive advantage.

Always under the highest security controls, Logicash has technology advances that cover the entire process of Cash Collection, opening bags, counting and detection of incidents. With the added value which we provide to the customer is the automated daily and / or monthly reports that reflect all the activities, the time invested in them and which activities have been carried out in each unit.

We introduce two product line in Cash Management category (1) MOBIcash (2) ATcash. We carry out Cash Processing activities across BFSI & Retail sector in a well-manned and secured condition while serving our customer across the nation. We ensure that we manage Cash Logistics with end-to-end solution that is scalable and achievable. Different services under product category includes:


  • Cash Pick – Up & Cash Delivery
  • Bulk Cash Movement
  • Network Currency Management
  • Cash Disposal
  • Bullion Movement
  • Other Cash Related activities


  • ATM Cash replenishment
  • First & Second Level Maintenance
  • Support throughout the life cycle of the ATM.
  • Reports in real time based on network availability, average cash flow, etc.

Other Value Added Services:

  • Overnight Vaulting
  • Counting and Sorting
  • Experienced and dedicated field staff
  • Superior Facilities.